Manor Barn Bed and Breakfast

Manor Barn, Child Okeford, Nr Blandford, Dorset, DT11 8EF Telephone: 01258 860638
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Photo Gallery of Manor Barn
Manor barn is located in the heart of Child Okeford, a Dorset village that offers rural charm and beauty.  Browse our photo gallery and hopefully you will be tempted to visit.
Manor Barn Bedrooms

manor barn bedroom1.png manor barn bedroom2.png manor barn bedroom3.png  

manor barn bedroom4.png manor barn bedroom5.png manor barn bedroom6.png  

manor_barn_bedroom7.png manor_barn_bedroom8.png manor_barn_bedroom9.png


Manor Barn dinning room

manor barn dinning room1.png manor barn dinning room2.png manor barn dinning room3.png

manor_barn_dinning_room4.png manor barn dinning room5.png manor barn dinning room6.png

manor_barn_dinning_room7.png manor_barn_dinning_room8.png manor_barn_dinning_room9.png



Outside view of Manor Barn

manor barn outside1.png manor barn outside2.png manor barn outside3.png

manor barn outside4.png manor barn outside5.png manor barn outside6.png

Seasonal view of Manor Barn

manor_barn_outside7.png manor_barn_outside8.png manor_barn_outside9.png

manor_barn_outside10.png manor_barn_outside11.png manor_barn_outside12.png